Everyday Breast Care

In this section we examine all things health-related – from sagging to smoking, and homemade beauty treatments to tattoos. We also discuss what is considered ‘normal’ – you’ll be surprised!

Breast skin care

Although your skin is constantly shedding and renewing itself, it is really important to look after it to keep looking young and healthy.

Let’s Talk Breasts’ Top 5 Bust Creams Revealed!

Over the last two years Let’s Talk Breasts has reviewed numerous creams, serums, gels, lotions and potions designed to keep your bust looking in tip top condition.

Back pain and breast size

Most of us have suffered back pain to some degree during our lives, and it’s no laughing matter. Often this pain is related to breast size – something our lucky male contemporaries will never suffer…

Poland’s syndrome

Poland’s Syndrome is a rare birth defect, believed to be linked to a change in blood flow in the seventh week of pregnancy.

Homemade bust beauty treatments

Whether you like to flash a little cleavage every day, or save it for special occasions, it is important to look after your delicate décolletage to keep it in tip top condition.

Breast myth busting

Ever since breasts were trussed up, corseted and generally hidden from view, they have been a natural source of gossip throughout the ages.

What effect does smoking have on breasts?

In 2003 the Chief Medical Officer highlighted a definite link between smoking and skin damage in his annual report, estimating that regular smoking can add between ten and twenty years to your age in terms of appearance.

Breasts and puberty

Puberty for girls is a confusing time of change. Not only are the hormones flooding your body affecting your emotions and ability to deal with various situations, but your body is also changing on a daily basis.

Breasts and body art

Bad girl Rihanna revealed her underbreast tattoo on Instagram in September 2012; it was of Goddess Isis in memory of her late Grandma, Clara “Dolly” Brathwaite.

Our breasts are getting bigger

Retailers are reporting that the average bra size being bought is increasing – where it was once 34B, it is now 34DD or 36D, depending which research you read.

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Breast skin care

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