Post-operative boob job bras

Once you’ve had your boob job, you will be desperate to flaunt your new and improved bust, but you need to be patient and look after your implants in order to make the most of your surgery.

The big question therefore, is what type of bra – if any – you should wear after your operation?

Pain and swelling

Your chest will be bruised and swollen after your breast augmentation, but you are also likely to feel tight and as though your breathing is restricted, as your skin grows to fit the new volume of your chest. This is all perfectly normal, but may affect your decision on whether or not to wear a bra. For these reasons, many surgeons do not recommend wearing any type of bra for the first few days after the operation, as it will put additional pressure on your new boobs and constrict you further. The first few days aside, there is much debate on what to do during the next six weeks while you recover fully.

Ditch the underwire

Not wearing underwire is one thing most doctors and patients would agree on – not only will it be uncomfortable straight after your operation, but it can also irritate the suture line if you have had implants through the under crease of the breast. Although wearing an underwired bra is not proven to delay the implants dropping, surgeons don’t advise this type of bra for at least six weeks after surgery to allow the breasts to find their new shape as naturally as possible.

Capsular contracture

There are some concerns that if you hold your new implants too firmly in place with a bra, the capsule that forms naturally around the foreign object will harden in one position and could cause capsular contracture in the future. This is not proven, but some surgeons prefer a woman to allow her breasts to move naturally, letting the breast tissue stretch and the implant to drop organically.

Compression bra

Some surgeons will send you home with a medical compression bra and advise you to wear it for part, or all, of your recuperation. As well as holding your implants gently in place, the compression bra can also reduce swelling, minimise scarring, improve blood circulation and generally speed up the recovery process.

Sports or post-surgery bra

If your surgeon doesn’t give you a compression bra and you feel you would like some support, you could try a front-opening sports bra or a specialist post-surgery bra. Post-surgery bras are specially designed with a thick elastic band, supportive cups and front clasp, to allow the breast tissue time to heal without having to support the new implants. You can even get one with a removable implant stabiliser band to help settle your new boobs. By having a front opening bra, you won’t put too much strain on your scars when you put it on and take it off.

Rest and recuperation

As there is no evidence proving that wearing a bra after surgery either helps or hinders post-operative recovery, it is best to take advice from your surgeon in relation to your exact operation and incision sites. You should also listen to your own body and do what is most comfortable for you. Undoubtedly, the best way to look after your new boobs is to take the advice of a couple of weeks’ rest seriously, in particular making sure not to lift anything heavy or reach above your head. This allows the skin and tissue to repair and settle in its own time, which should give you the best results.

Specialist bras after the op

If you are patient and don’t rush the recovery period, you can go out and have fun buying some new bras once you are fully healed. Many women opt for plunge bras to show off their new assets, but often find that regular bras do not fit surgically-enhanced boobs. To combat this, Alexis Smith designs comfortable and sexy bras for D+ sizes, while Le Mystère teamed up with a renowned plastic surgeon to create the No. 9 collection, which is a range of bras designed for the specific needs of augmented breasts.

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