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For all things boob-related, this is where you’ll find opinion pieces on social stigma, going topless, equal rights and much more besides. Enjoy!

“My eyes are up here”: What’s behind men’s obsession with breasts?

It’s no secret that the mere mention of breasts or boobies usually raises a snicker and claims the undivided attention of most heterosexual men.

The politics of breasts: Know your rights

There’s no denying that women’s cleavages cause a stir in all sorts of situations, and the public bearing of breasts throughout history has compelled a heady mix of artistic celebration, legal condemnation, and a whole can of worms when it comes to feminism, equal rights and parenting.

Why do women have breasts?

At first glance the reason behind breasts seems obvious: they’re there to feed our children. All mammals have lactating mammary glands – in fact the word ‘mammal’ itself originates from the Latin mammalis, literally meaning ‘of the breast’.

Topless or not?

The topic of going topless can be a thorny issue, depending on your age, religion, cultural background and personal preference. So for today’s young women, what is considered socially acceptable and what isn’t?

UK beaches uncovered: The topless top five

So summer’s here and for those who dare to bare, here is Let’s Talk Breasts’ guide to the best beaches in the UK and the etiquette to observe…

Mind your language! Your guide to breast slang

Strange as it may seem, reality TV star Gok Wan deeply offended Australian women recently when he fronted an advertisement for department chain Target, using – shock, horror! – the word ‘bangers’ in it.

Breasts and body image

Depending on your age, you might not even remember a time when the availability and prevalence of plastic surgery didn’t have an impact on the daily lives of women everywhere. Nowadays the popularity of implants is making women feel insecure about their breasts to the point where they don’t feel ‘normal’ in their own skin.

Breasts in art

Ever since pre-historic times, when women were depicted as voluptuous humans with exaggerated breasts and wide hips in Venus figurines, the portrayal of the female form has been a hot topic in art, and it reveals cultural and societal changes throughout the ages.

Seven things you didn’t know about #FreeTheNipple

Over the summer you may have heard a little phrase that has caught the attention of journalists and social media addicts everywhere – “Free The Nipple”. So what does it actually mean?

The Nipple vs. Social Media

Nipples have been hot news over the last two weeks, with Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter, Scout Willis, staging a very public protest against Instagram’s closure of her account.

Breast apps reviews

There are a surprising amount of apps relating to breasts out there in cyberspace. Bypassing the adult content, here are Let’s Talk Breasts’ top picks for iPhone and iPad, all available now from the App Store, Google Play and the websites listed below.

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