Nip + Fab Bust Fix Review

Nip + Fab Bust Fix comes in at less than half the price of the luxury brands, although is still considerably above budget products. Pledging to ‘sculpt and promote fullness’ and ‘improve tone and texture’ for its user’s bust and décolleté, dozens of online reviewers claim it’s done wonders for their cup size. So does it really deliver on its promises?

As with all of these products, Nip + Fab Bust Fix swears by a unique mix of compounds and plant extracts, such as their cell active® form to plump and support lipid deposition and mangosteen (a tropical evergreen tree from South East Asia) to reshape and sculpt.

Although much of the hype revolves around improving skin that has lost its elasticity (and thus implying that of the older woman), the design of the packaging is fresh and modern, and the tube would suit the cosmetics shelf of a beauty devotee of any age. The instructions given are to apply morning and night, ideally after a shower and exfoliation for best results.

It has to be said that the serum looks absolutely gorgeous, with a pearlised white sheen and a distinctive herbal aroma – it resembles more of an indulgent leave-in hair conditioner than your average serum!

My main problem with Nip + Fab Bust Fix was that, unlike other brands, my hands felt instantly tacky after application and I had to wash them straight away. This made me feel that my bras should be changed more frequently as a result, as they would be sitting directly next to this slightly sticky residue.

But that was my only issue. I used the product for a month, enjoyed the way the serum quickly disappeared into my skin and noticed my breasts were significantly moisturised from the very first application. Although I don’t yet have crepey skin myself, I’ve read many reviews from more mature users who have experienced positive results, and I can certainly say that my own bust seems perfectly full, smooth and toned after regular use.

Perhaps I haven’t quite experienced the miraculous transformation of some reviewers, who claim to go up a cup size while using this product, but other than the slight tackiness I have no complaints and would definitely recommend Nip + Fab Bust Fix to other women, certainly those feeling the pull of time.

Verdict: A classy-looking serum with a pearlised white sheen and a distinctive herbal aroma – it resembles more of an indulgent leave-in hair conditioner than your average bust enhancer!

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