Breast Cancer

In this section we aim to help make this difficult topic a little more accessible, with articles on symptoms, treatment and health care. Benign breast conditions are also explored.

Can dogs really ‘sniff out’ breast cancer?

Over the last few years, revolutionary studies have been carried out using specially trained dogs to detect the early signs of prostate and bladder cancer, through sniffing urine samples.

Tamoxifen and breast cancer

Tamoxifen is a hormonal therapy widely used in the treatment of breast cancer. It is commonly prescribed to women with oestrogen-positive cancer following surgery or other treatment, and is often part of a five-year course.

Know your team: Healthcare professionals involved in breast cancer care

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is daunting enough without having to get your head around the various health professionals you will meet along the way.

Can your bra give you cancer?

In recent years, there have been a number of studies into the danger factors of wearing bras – and even some concerns that they may cause breast cancer.

Mastectomy guide

A mastectomy (or breast removal surgery) is a type of breast surgery whereby a woman’s breast (or both breasts) is removed – normally because she has been affected by breast cancer.

A guide to UK breast cancer charities

There are many charities linked to breast cancer in the UK. Here’s a round-up of the top seven organisations.

Investigations of breast symptoms

To diagnose whether changes in your breast are cancerous or not, your GP will refer you to a breast clinic for further tests. This article outlines the different breast investigation techniques.

A guide to breast lumps

It’s always a shock to discover a lump on your breast. Most people are aware of the implications that it could indicate cancer, so it’s hard not to worry.

Breast cancer treatment options

Most women with breast cancer have surgery as first-line treatment. In order to further decrease the risks of the cancer coming back, surgery is normally followed by one or a combination of treatments – these are outlined in this article.

The language of living with breast cancer

Your friend has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. You’re torn between crumbling alongside her and wanting to keep her strong. Breast cancer is a battle, is it not? Then she must be a warrior, setting out to slay her enemy!

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