Dr. Ceuticals Bust Boost Review

Dr. Ceuticals is a range of targeted body-care products which are available exclusively online and at leading high street pharmacist, Boots. There’s a cream or gel to beautify most female body parts, from Firm & Sculpt Arm Gel to Hand De-Age Cream and Bottom Lift & Tone. So what does Bust Boost offer us ladies for the price of £16.99 for 125ml?

Unlike many of the other companies under review, the team behind Dr. Ceuticals has invested in a webpage outlining the problems breasts face as we age, and has gone some way to explaining how pregnancy and, interestingly, exercise can contribute to a loss of elasticity and pertness. Uniquely the website also offers a Tips page linking specific exercises with their individual creams, including Bust Boost. This is a new and welcome approach to beauty products and should be commended as it encourages users not to just trust the lotions and potions, and actually put some effort in themselves!

Away from the hype, of course, Bust Boost is just another cream promising to ‘improve skin elasticity for beautifully toned and lifted breasts’ and ‘help reshape the contours of the cleavage area and accentuate the feminine form’. It’s packaged in an inoffensive pseudo-scientific monochrome style, marrying just a splash of girly pink with a range of surgical arrows and dotted lines (the link is ‘fuller, firmer breasts without surgery’). The magical ingredients are listed as Mangosteen and Quince hydrogel, Mangosteen being the fruit of a tropical evergreen tree and Quince being very similar to a pear and perhaps best known for its inclusion in posh jellies and the nursery rhyme, ‘The Owl And The Pussycat.’

One would expect a distinctly fruity fragrance to the product, but it actually smells just vaguely pleasant, again as inoffensive as the mainly black-and-white packaging. The cream itself is white and quite thick in texture, it rubs in well enough and there’s no nasty ‘tackiness’ to the skin after application. Oddly, the fragrance seems to disappear immediately after skin contact, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The team at Dr. Ceuticals recommend Bust Boost should be used twice daily for a minimum of three months for optimum results. I tested it for just over one month and, although there’s no particularly ‘lifting’ in my cleavage area, my breasts are definitely well-moisturised and just possibly a little fuller. Now whether that’s down to the cream or to the fact that I tested Bust Boost over the Christmas period is open to debate (the diet starts tomorrow), but I certainly have no complaints about this product. I’m just not overwhelmed. Would I recommend it? At this price, the jury’s still out.

Verdict: Was it the Mangosteen and Quince hydrogel or was it the extra cheese and mince pies? This reviewer’s bust definitely gained fullness, but she’s not convinced it was courtesy of Dr. Ceuticals. An effective mid-priced moisturiser with no bells or whistles.

Buy now: Boots.

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