Back pain and breast size

Most of us have suffered back pain to some degree during our lives, and it’s no laughing matter. Often this pain is related to breast size – something our lucky male contemporaries will never suffer...

Larger breasts

If you’re well endowed, then chances are that the concept of the extra weight on your chest causing backache is not a groundbreaking prospect. Particularly for larger breasted women with smaller frames, the effort of carrying around heavier mammaries can be considerable. This is where a properly fitting supportive bra is essential. It is worth every second of using a bra-fitting service within a reputable store – you may discover you’ve been wearing the wrong band or cup-size for years!

Just as larger breasted ladies shoulders’ may naturally hunch over due to the effort of carrying extra weight, women who are sensitive about the size of their smaller breasts might likewise fall into the same bad habit, as they stoop to hide their flatter chests. Bad posture can be just as much to blame for backache as heavy breasts, so be proud of your slim figure and stand up straight!

Hormonal changes

During your period your breasts might temporarily feel larger and heavier – if necessary have differently sized bras in your underwear drawer to suit different times of the month. If you find that narrow straps dig in uncomfortably for just a few days each month, then invest in a supportive elastic crop top or sports bra during that time.

An increase in bust size is often one of the first signs of pregnancy. Backache is the last thing you need to contend with alongside morning sickness, so investigate maternity bras. These offer support with more comfortable, wider straps and often without the pinch of underwire (which some say can harm the developing milk ducts). Get measured regularly by a specialist as you grow, and be prepared to buy a few bras in different sizes.

Even if your bust didn’t swell during pregnancy, it will when you are breastfeeding. As the milk comes in your breasts will become engorged, and initially hot and heavy. Breastfeeding itself resolves this problem, but be prepared to buy yet more bras in even bigger sizes! Back pain has no place in dealing with the demands of a newborn, so make sure you are fully supported from the beginning.

Dealing with back pain

If the pain of outsized breasts is constant and severe, you might want to consider breast reduction surgery. Consult your GP to find out if this is a viable option for you.

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