Let’s Talk Breasts’ Top 5 Bust Creams Revealed

Over the last two years Let’s Talk Breasts has reviewed numerous creams, serums, gels, lotions and potions designed to keep your bust looking in tip top condition.

Whether you are simply looking for an exceptional moisturiser to rehydrate your skin and smooth out stretch marks, or a potential solution to plump up sagging bosoms, there’s a product out there for you. But beware: some of the creams listed below have a hefty price tag…

Top breast creams

Bust creams are designed to appeal equally to young women seeking to retain their perkiness as long as possible and to older ladies whose breasts may have shrunken, sagged or stretched as a result of pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss or gain, and age. They boast many special ingredients, some of which are allegedly ‘unique’ to the brand and many of which are linked to familiar-sounding products such as Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Elastin and Collagen. Our article, Improve your décolletage with breast creams, covers in detail what each of these elements does, as well as revealing that most breast creams have, in fact, little or no medical evidence to support their individual beauty claims.

Having personally reviewed twenty-four of these products (one per month over the last two years, including the five listed below), I will cut to the chase and tell you … No. No, I’m afraid there is not a magic cream that will instantly transform your chest into anything resembling a boob job. No, it’s simply not possible to noticeably raise a woman’s nipple line by virtue of a serum alone, and any enlarging effects are, at best, subjective. However, there are certainly creams out there that will subtly perk you up and make you feel a million dollars, just as there are creams that will make you feel physically sick due to the scent alone (believe me, I know!).

So, without further ado, here are our Top 5 bust creams in ascending price order, each one reviewed over the course of a month and found to be effective:

1. Dr. Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Breast Firming Cream

£15.99 for 100ml

Cheaper creams exist, but this is our top budget beauty buy. This spicy cream appealed to my ecological ideals as the Dr. Organic range uses natural and organic raw materials wherever possible, and sustainable natural alternatives whenever an organic ingredient cannot be sourced. My breasts felt firmer and slightly uplifted.

Where to buy: Holland and Barrett.

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2. Rodial Super Fit Boob Job

£65 for 120ml

Moving up into the middle price bracket, this lovely gel bases its premise on fat cell-blocking science. I definitely felt an improvement and possibly even plumper as a result.

Where to buy: Amazon, John Lewis and Debenhams.

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3. Thalgo Slim & Sculpt Bust and Décolleté

£42.25 for 50ml

This classy little bottle packed a big punch, particularly when it came to texture and fragrance. It felt expensive, and it did the job.

Where to buy: Thalgo.

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4. skinChemists Advanced Breast Booster

£105 for 100ml

To date the only cream I’ve reviewed that felt like it was working instantly to lift my bust. And the feeling continued throughout the month’s trial. Highly recommended if you can afford it, particularly for more mature ladies.

Where to buy: Amazon and Beauty Expert.

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5. Sisley Phytobuste Intensive Bust Compound

£155 for 50ml

Hands down the Rolls-Royce of all the products I’ve reviewed with the equivalent of a heady £310 for 100ml, this heavenly cream was an absolute pleasure to use. I loved it and followed the instructions to also use it on my shoulders and arms – not something I could ever afford on my personal beauty budget! A most decadent treat.

Where to buy: John Lewis, Debenhams and House of Fraser.

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