Common bra fitting problems & solutions

Persist with a poorly fitting bra at your peril and risk back fat overspill, dreadful droop, side boobage or the hideous quadraboob, not to mention a bad back, sore shoulders and painful poking.

It is estimated that over 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra; correct these common mistakes to give yourself curves in the right places. Become bosom buddies with your bra and your gals will thank you in the long run.

Bust those bust myths

Back size is too small

You can easily diagnose this is the problem if a) you can’t breathe or b) back fat is spilling out unattractively over the top of your bra band. Your bra fits properly when you can comfortably fasten it on the middle or loosest hook, without squeezing out any lumps or bumps. If you need to increase the size of your back band, remember to reduce the cup size, as everything is relative.

Back size is too big

Your bra band is likely to be too big when a) the back of the bra is riding up your back and / or b) the straps are digging into your shoulders.

When your band fits properly, it should sit in a line horizontal with the underwires at the front, and not lift up when you raise your arms. If the band rides up your back and the straps cut ravines in your shoulders, it is because the weight of your boobs is pulling the bra down, rather than the bra giving you the boost you deserve. A smaller band will give resistance at the back to hold up the front properly.

Thin straps can dig in even with the right bra size for a larger-chested lady because you need a fuller support bra. If you don’t fancy a design with a thicker strap, you can try a shoulder cushion – it’s not as bad as it sounds and there are a variety of silicone or foam options that offer discreet relief from discomfort.

Try Undercover Glamour Bra strap Cushions.

Cup size too small

If your cup size is too small, out pops either the side boob or the quadraboob, neither of which is a flattering look. If you notice boob spillage under a t-shirt, try a larger cup size to contain your gals.

Unruly underwire is another hint you need a larger cup size – whether it’s poking your armpit or breast, or lifting away from your rib cage under your bust, it’s uncomfortable and unnecessary.

Cup size too big

This is easy to spot as you simply won’t fill the cups and there will be gapping, gathering or folds in the fabric. If the back fits fine, then simply try coming down a cup size.

Lopsided looks

Remember that no two breasts are the same. Even out small size differences in boob size with a lined cup, such as a moulded or contour bra. Alternatively, try a padded bra with removable inserts – leave one in for the smaller boob and remove it for the bigger one. If one side is significantly larger than the other, choose a bra that fits perfectly on the bigger cup, then try a range of silicone, foam, water or gel pads to fill out the other side. Avoid embarrassing boob bloopers by securing your bra pads in place with a little double-sided body tape.

Try Eylure Body Tape and By Perfection Clear Cleavage Boosters.

Sliding straps

If the bra fits well, but you find your shoulders aren’t wide or straight enough to keep the straps in place, you can cheat by crossing the straps over at the back of a multi-way bra, or go sporty with a T-back or Racer bra. Equally, a bra strap ring will hold your current straps together at the back, and non-slip shoulder cushions underneath any bra strap will minimize slippage.

Try John Lewis underwired Multiway Bra and Caraselle Bra Converter Clips.

Shape shifter

Finally, be aware that your chest changes shape and size with your monthly cycle as well as over the years. Therefore, avoid a bra fitting when you have massive mammaries at your time of the month and keep at least one comfy bra for bigger days.

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