Cosmetic breast surgery funding

Once you’ve decided you want breast implants, the next question is how you are going to pay for it. Fortunately there is a range of options available to you, so here is a summary of each source of funding.


The NHS does not normally carry out cosmetic breast implants, except in the case of a woman who has had a mastectomy. However, according to their website, you can still qualify for surgery on the NHS in exceptional circumstances of “significant psychological distress”. This may be caused by: “complete failure of development of breast tissue, or severe asymmetry (significantly uneven breasts)”. They are quick to point out that these are only guidelines and each primary care trust (PCT) holds the purse strings to allocate funding for breast implant surgery within its remit. Therefore, if you feel you have a genuine case for NHS funding, you should start by seeing your GP, but don’t get your hopes up.


Most people therefore will have to finance their own private surgery of between £3,000 and £5,000, and the best way to do this is by saving the money first. If you take on a second job, work extra shifts, meet targets to get a bonus, aim for bigger tips and save a little every week, you can soon build up the required amount. Save your money wisely in an ISA and you will also get a little extra boost through tax-free interest. By working hard and waiting until you have the full fee, you will be sure you really want the boob job and can proudly show off what you have achieved when the time comes.

Bank loan

If you can’t wait, or have saved for so long, but only have some of the money, the next best option is usually to look at a small personal bank loan. Banks usually offer the best interest rate, which means that you will only repay a little more than you took out, but don’t forget to add this into the equation – your £4,000 boob job might actually cost £4,500 with interest. Make an appointment to speak to an advisor and ask for help from a relative or friend if you don’t understand the terms being offered, as some loans have a penalty if you repay early.

Clinic finance packages

Due to the current economic climate, most clinics will offer their own range of finance packages to help you spread the cost of surgery. If you have been turned down for a bank loan, this could be an option, but be aware of the different interest rates being offered.

A 0% or interest-free loan will usually require a minimum deposit and paying off within 12 months, so this could be a good option if you can commit to the regular monthly payments. ‘Buy now, pay later’ schemes tend to run over a longer period of 36 months, which make the monthly repayments lower, however they also tend to come with a higher interest rate of around 15-20%. This means that your £4,000 boob job will cost nearer to £5,000 by the time you have paid it off.

If you do need to borrow money, a bank loan or a clinic finance package will always work out much cheaper than the extortionate interest rates of payday loans – avoid them like the plague.

Boob jobs abroad

A cheaper way of financing your surgery is often to go abroad, as east European countries offer packages at half the price of the UK. However, read our article on cosmetic tourism before contemplating this option and, if you still want to go ahead, please research your destination thoroughly. Don’t forget that any repair work once you are back home is likely to cost you extra, so this may work out more expensive in the long run.

Free boob jobs

There is a worrying new crowd-funding trend starting up, where women are pimping themselves out to raise money for implants. Various sites for breast augmentation specifically, or cosmetic surgery more generally, have sprung up where women post pictures and personal commentary in a bid to get guys to donate to their boob job fund. When they have raised enough collateral, the money is sent to an affiliated clinic for the woman to have the required procedure.

What do they do for this money? Anything and everything. Often it’s just donors paying to chat live with girls, but either party can offer any amount of money for anything – one woman offered a video of her masturbating for $200, while a guy promised to pay a few bucks to receive a picture of a vagina. Another site advertises, “Let rich men bid to have first dates with you” as a way of funding your op. It’s not healthy and it’s not regulated. There are better ways of achieving your new look without losing all self-respect.

Ongoing costs

Just remember, that however you fund your initial breast implant surgery, this is not a life-long procedure and you will need to have them removed or replaced in time, so it might be wise to start saving for the second op as soon as you’ve finished the first!

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