Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

From preparing to breastfeed to exploring what to do if you can’t, this is where you’ll find everything you’ll need to know about nursing your baby.

Underdeveloped breasts and breastfeeding

Let’s be clear from the start, there is a big difference between small breasts and underdeveloped ones. Ladies with small boobs look great in high neck tops, while a woman with underdeveloped breasts may feel very self-conscious about her widely-spaced, narrow tuberous appendages, and be genuinely worried about her chances of breastfeeding.

Extended breastfeeding

Here in the UK we tend to have quite set ideas on how long it is socially acceptable to breastfeed your baby. No one bats an eyelid for a child under the age of one year, but once the baby becomes a walking, talking toddler, complete with a good set of – yikes! – teeth, the lines become rather blurred.

Expressing breast milk

It’s not something you think about automatically when you prepare yourself for breastfeeding for the first time. But for many mothers, expressing their breast milk is part and parcel of the process, almost as much as feeding itself.

Benefits of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is popular in the UK, with an estimated 78% of new mothers choosing this method over bottle-feeding. If you’re pregnant, or have recently had a baby, you’ll have noticed that there’s no getting away from the crystal clear ‘breast is best’ message coming from all your healthcare providers.

Lactation help guide

During pregnancy it is highly likely you will given leaflets and one-to-one support about the subject of breastfeeding from your midwife and GP.

Breast is best… but what about when it’s not?

I’m a proud mum of three loving, energetic and exhausting boys, each one the perfect picture of health. My first pregnancy took place over a decade ago now, and just as mums-to-be are today, I was exposed to the familiar Breast Is Best campaign.

Breastmilk – film review

Towards the beginning of Breastmilk, we watch two biologists in a most intimate moment – the first feed with their newborn baby. In their well-meaning attempt to let their son ‘find his way’ by ‘exploring on his own’, they literally expect their screaming son to find the nipple by himself, despite the fact that he can barely move and is a couple of months away from being able to support his own head.

Returning to work while breastfeeding

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer hit headlines back in February 2013, when she built a nursery within her office building, enabling her to bring her newborn son to work, following just two weeks of maternity leave. Mayer formerly worked for Google Inc. and took the job at rival search engine Yahoo! in her fifth month of pregnancy.

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