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Here you’ll find plenty of advice on bra-sizing, fashion essentials and shopping for the perfect fit, as well as articles about maternity and nursing bras, recycling and much, much more.

Common bra fitting problems & solutions

Persist with a poorly fitting bra at your peril and risk back fat overspill, dreadful droop, side boobage or the hideous quadraboob, not to mention a bad back, sore shoulders and painful poking.

How to care for your bras

Care for your bras and they will care for you – it’s true! Just a little special attention on a regular basis will help stop your underwire from snagging, your straps from losing elasticity and your cups from losing shape.

Bra solutions for petite sizes

A smaller chest, without the need of scaffolding support and the resulting back pain, may be the envy of ladies with an ample bosom, but there is nothing funny about being almost flat-chested.

Recycle your bra!

According to a new survey carried out by erotic lingerie chain Ann Summers, 50% of women own over 20 bras at any one time, yet most of us are guilty of returning over and over again to the same old favourites, ignoring much of our underwear drawer for years at a time.

How to choose a nursing bra

Similar in appearance but functionally different to a maternity bra, specialist nursing bras allow easy access to your nipples. Like maternity bras, they should be made of a soft fabric (cotton is ideal), with wider shoulder and back straps for greater support.

A guide to bra shopping online

Shopping for anything online is a bit of a minefield, because nothing beats physically holding an item in your hands and trying it on to see if it really suits and flatters you. However, if you are really busy, you can browse hundreds of stores and styles in minutes, saving both valuable time and sore feet from the traditional trudge along the high street.

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