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Here you’ll find plenty of advice on bra-sizing, fashion essentials and shopping for the perfect fit, as well as articles about maternity and nursing bras, recycling and much, much more.

Clothes to suit a fuller bust

We’ve all personally experienced problems finding clothes to fit over even a modest bust, so it’s clear that curvier figures can struggle to wear clothes designed for a ‘one size fits all’ bracket.

Do bras cause saggy breasts?

For Professor Jean-Denis Rouillon, a sports scientist from the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire in Besançon, France, this very question inspired a substantial 15-year study, the results of which were reported in April 2013.

Post mastectomy bra guide

Dealing with the aftereffects of a mastectomy is an emotional journey, and so to better understand the process of being fitted for a post mastectomy bra, Let’s Talk Breasts spoke to Yvette, a lady who won her battle against breast cancer eight years ago.

The best bra for your breast shape

If you don’t address a poorly fitting bra, you will likely look lumpy and bumpy, but, more importantly, you risk damaging your health in the long term; back pain, breast pain, bad posture and restricted breathing are all common problems associated with the wrong bra.

How to choose the right bra

Every woman knows that buying a new bra can be one of the most confusing and frustrating shopping experiences ever! The bewildering sizing methods along with the seemingly endless choice of styles available can mean it’s practically impossible to find a well-fitting, comfortable bra that looks good and makes you feel fabulous too.

Bra fashion essentials

A bra is just a bra, right? Wrong! The way you strap yourself up can literally make or break an outfit.

The reluctant man’s guide to buying lingerie she’ll love

There are so many reasons for your average Joe to feel intimidated by a specialist lingerie shop. It’s a potential minefield of embarrassment – guys worry they’ll look like a lech, spend a fortune on something she’ll hate, or at the very least feel completely out of their depth.

Bras and exercise – choosing your perfect sports bra

As every woman knows, it’s really important to wear a comfy, supportive and well-fitting bra every day. But, if you are a sporty girl, it’s crucial to wear a proper sports bra for your workout.

My first bra

It’s no secret that females are developing earlier, considering girls in the nineteenth century didn’t commence menstruation until the age of fifteen or sixteen.

Strapless, backless or plunging – bra solutions for every dress dilemma

OK, so we all know the basics. Underwire gives you uplift, a T-shirt bra gives a smooth line under tight-fitting T-shirts, and a sports bra gives you extra support and protection during exercise.

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