Sepai Boobster Body Extract Review

“If you are looking for a concept that breaks all the paradigms in cosmetics, Sepai is your choice,” proclaims the marketing behind this skincare brand. And they’re not kidding – Sepai is a range of products with a difference, the main difference being that you have to physically make up your personal solutions yourself.

How this plays out in real terms is that first you have to locate a base product, and then you have to ‘Tune it’ (using Sepai vocabulary) with a specific extract. Confused? I was. Navigating their user-unfriendly and poorly translated website is challenging enough, but the upshot is you need to purchase not one but two products. I chose V7.3 Body Primer and V6.7 Boobster extract, a combination promising to regenerate and rejuvenate the bust area using a number of “substances with vasculoprotective and Venotonic properties that work on the skin in a way similar to the effect of steroids.” Once you receive said products, you then need to mix them together, as described in their video.

The mixing really didn’t work for me. I’m of average intelligence, but for the life of me I couldn’t work out how to break the safety seal of the syringe to free the mechanism allowing it to inject freely into the other bottle without literally taking a knife to it. It only half worked and I ended up with a fair amount of Boobster serum all over my carpet. Although I’m used to mixing certain beauty products (hair dye springs to mind), this was simply beyond me and the purpose of all this fuss for a beauty cream rather escaped me.

Technical trauma aside, the lotion itself (which needs to be shaken firmly before each use to make sure both elements are adequately mixed) absorbed into my skin slowly, left a tacky residue and had a faint biscuity fragrance that was neither intrusive nor particularly appealing.

Did the cream actually work? After 28 days use I can say it was fine as a moisturiser, but there was no noticeable improvement to my breasts or décolletage.

Cutting to the chase, I found the science behind this product to be unclear, and the choosing and mixing process to be gimmicky and problematic. For the price, this was not an experience I care to repeat.

Verdict: Expensive and gimmicky, Sepai’s customised approach may appeal to budding scientists but for a busy woman in need of a boost it seemed far too involved. For this amount of money I expect a much better result.

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