Natural Biotech Life Wellness Breast Kit Review

My recent review of Sepai Boobster Body Extract revealed I’m not exactly a fan of do-it-yourself science experiments. As a typical working mum, time is short and my patience wears thin when beauty treatments involve more than one tube.

So when I was asked to review PiùSenoPiù: Wellness Breast Kit coming complete with a £110 price tag from upmarket department store, Harrods, my eyebrow raised several degrees. Described as ‘the precious coffer for the beauty of your breasts,’ on the website, the product has a lot to live up to. After all, it claims to be able to ‘satisfy, in complete safety and naturalness, the desires of seduction and sensual femininity of every woman.’ Goodness.

Made by Natural Biotech Life, a company promising 100% natural ingredients, the wellness kit combines two elements: Intensive Beauty Breast Gel (50ml) with Concentrated Breast Push-Up Effect Serum (2x5ml). The gel aims to ‘nourish, revitalise and firm’ your décolletage, while the serum (produced in two little bottles in the kit) is supposed to produce a ‘shock’ treatment for once a week and special occasions, to ‘give compactness to the dermis and to redraw the shape and the profile’ of your breasts. Having never ‘shocked’ my breasts before, I was keen to find a special occasion for the privilege.

If I’m honest, for such an expensive product, the packaging would benefit from a little extra finesse as the labels are uneven, look cheap and peel off quickly. Furthermore, I couldn’t get the pump action to work properly for the gel, leading me to unscrew the whole bottle top every time I wanted to apply it. At this point I was still willing to give this product a positive review but I’m afraid the fragrance really put me off, reminding me distinctly of day-old deodorant. Of all the creams I’ve reviewed for Let’s Talk Breasts, this was the most unpleasant month for me as I took such a violent disliking to the smell. It didn’t fade, either.

Scent aside, the gel dries to a powdery, non-tacky finish. It is perfectly fine as a moisturiser, but I didn’t notice any discernible uplift in my breasts after four weeks’ use. As for the ‘shocking’ serum, it had a slightly better fragrance but took a while to dry. Again I didn’t notice any real change and I have to say I worried about the side effects of using this more than the maximum of twice per week. The reasons behind the warnings to only use it sparingly were not explained on the packaging.

For £110 I cannot say I recommend this product – in fact, given the choice, there are plenty other budget brands reviewed on this website I’d rather use.

Verdict: A deeply unpleasant fragrance and ambiguous safety description made this product uncomfortable to review. For £110 you can purchase ten budget brands and receive the same effect.

Buy now: Natural Biotech Life.

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